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I'm a dreadful horder, and I have a whole heap of things that I thought were cool, or had some meaning, or just reminded me of things I didn't want to forget. But there's not much point in having them if I just keep them in a box and never look at them, so I thought I'd get them out and share them with you. I'll do them one at a time every couple of days, so as not to spam you all up.

I didn't have many friends at secondary school, but I was liked. I was good for a laugh, I guess, and would take anything you threw at me and give as good as I got - up to a certain point. There were boundaries and they got crossed, but the people who didn't cross them got behind me. I also got on much better with my teachers than I did with most of my classmates, which helped, I think. Teacher's pet isn't so much of a target if she's talking to the teacher at the time.

But I did like a lot of my classmates, and they liked me, even if it was a bit of a sibling relationship with lots of snark, bitching and antagonism. This shirt has signatures from a lot of my classmates, including some I've never heard from since. It's got a lot of reminders of what I was like at school as well - one friend exhorted me to "keep clog dancing", and there is, predictably, a penis on the back. I'd forgotten that my headmistress signed it.

To note, she didn't draw a cock on me. That was probably one of the Chrises. Or Josh. One of that lot, anyway. There's signatures from two boys I went to primary school with, and a few boys telling me they loved me, as you do. I found out at my final leaving session from my high school that a few of them actually did fancy me, but that's a story for another day.

And there's so many "see you next year"s. We kept a lot of the students between GCSEs and A levels, because it's a good school and the years are small - when your year's only 150 people, you know most of them. It might not have been the best time of my life, and there were days when I was actually suicidal, but... not many of them.

You know... it was fun, really.
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