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Time to write one of these things.

I'm 20 years old, studying Business Management in the lovely city of York, and currently on exchange to Melbourne, Australia for six months. I aim to be a writer of some sort, or to work in tourism, or both, and am contemplating the idea of doing a PHD on popular culture-based tourism to combine the two in fun ways that keep me in education for longer. There is also a chance that I'll go back into education after that, but on the other side of the classroom.

My ultimate goal in life is to find a funny, lovely girl and settle down in a big house with four children.

This journal is a fairly new discovery for me, despite the fact that I've had it for a few years. It's generic Whoniverse stuff, theoretically, but is mostly Torchwood specific with generic writing stuff. Funny how these things work out.

I am a gay, ex-blonde (it's like being gay, in that you can never really cure it but you can hide it [badly]), cisgendered, Christian thing. I am also painfully shy and hideously extroverted (dependant on the opinions of others), which makes for un-fun collisions. If you speak to me, you'll probably not get me to shut up. If you don't, I'm unlikely to be the one to make the first move, but I will try. Unless you're hot, in which case it really has to be you who goes first.

My friending policy is: 'Ooo, what's this? Friends list... how long has that been there?' I've found it now, though, and I went mad on adding people who I know and like around the place. If I've added you, it's not neccessarily because I agree with you, but because I like you as a person from what I know of you. This isn't as cool as it sounds, because there's only about half a dozen people in the world who I actually dislike.

I am so laid-back as to be horizontal, and really, really try to see the best in people.

My non-Torchwood interests are mostly musical, including classic rock and new folk rock, because I don't have time for other interests which actually take time. I also have a weird attention span, and can't sit through a movie, but can sit still for 6 hours on a coach doing nothing. I may squee about music now and again, and about journeys I'm taking. I like to travel; good job, really, considering.

Concrit and conversation, I live for both.
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