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Do you want to see photos?

So yes, weather awful, but York is pretty good at dealing with this sort of thing. Most people are safely above the waterline here, unlike other places, although the hotel I took photos of (that was getting people in and out on a luggage trolley) was closing because of the flooding.
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So, I've only been back six months. Time I showed you the best photos, I think.

Image heavy, there's 60 of them.
Cut to spare your flists )

And there ends the holiday snaps.
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Hi, I disappeared for a while again, didn't I? I had an utterly mad weekend, which included the squishable Lizzy, a lovely wedding party, lots of morris dancing and spending too much money. Here are some photos of the morris dancing I was a witness to, including the morris session at dawn on Castle Hill to ensure a good summer for those of you here in the UK.

You're welcome )

Soon to come: what I did at my party. Featuring miniature flans, deadly cupcakes and triangular sandwiches
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Here, have a collection of photographs of the absolutely beautiful county I call home. This is Yorkshire. )

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