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Sep. 15th, 2017 09:53 pm
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*Blows the dust off DreamWidth*

Okay. That went well. Hi! Life happened there for a while. I don't know who's still around, just about to go and find that out...

For those who are, an update on the State of Me )

TL;dr, life is good
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Especially if you have a writing blog, but any sort of blog at all really. I'm trying to get myself more organised and have therefore got myself a blog reader app, at last, so I want to add all my peeps to it. I realise that I'm about 10 years behind the curve, but I'm getting there at last. One of these days I'll actually get around to setting up my own blog.

Kitten photos should follow soon.
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Okay, so there's been NaNo, there's been house sale stagnation and finally some good news, my bike got a death certificate instead of an MOT, and I've been singing. Far more important than any of that, though is...
We have kittens! )
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Last time I did this I'd just fallen off my bike, hadn't I? Whoops.

A couple of x-rays on my hand, over a week apart, proved thoroughly inconclusive, so they strapped it up and told me to keep it that way for about three weeks in total. Fortunately it was one of these gauntlets with an annoying metal plate up it, but with velcro fastenings so I could take it off to have a bath and the like. I worked my last two weeks on light duties, which mostly involved sitting on the reception desk and doing a bit of world building and research for NaNoWriMo and calling my old club once a night. I'm now unemployed and sending off a few desultory applications, but mostly I'm trying to get myself in gear to sort my trip to China. That's not working either.

I need to go back to my colour-coded to-do lists blue-tacked to the wall, otherwise I won't get anything done.

Right now I'm going to tick off posting my Reel_TW fic, which is very late but I sort of lost it. Sent off an unfinished version (why did I still have one, I wrote it two years ago), then had my posting day whilst I was on my jaunt around The South and got home to discover that I hadn't saved it in any sensible places. It has turned up, though, and it's been sitting on my account waiting for me to get my brain in gear and format the LJ posts. I remember when this used to be something I could do in my sleep.

I think I need a routine again, and set times for writing and Not Simming. Good god that game's turned addictive again. There were months when I didn't play at all, and now I can't get enough of it. The passion is returning, hoorah! (It's just the passion for the wrong thing)
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I know I said I was going away for a while, but then I lost control of my bike on the way to work and had an argument with the tarmac. No broken bones, apparently, but my hand is going an interesting colour and is in a brace until I've had another Xray to confirm that.

Fortunately I can work, but no washing up or carrying trays. I proved that by going in to work a 4 hour shift straight after my accident, because people who are in shock make really bad decisions and the paramedics should probably have used some medical terminology to make me go "oh, this could be serious" rather than "small bones in your hand, but you can move your fingers so nothing major is broken". I just didn't want to have to call my mum from hospital.

I surrender

Sep. 5th, 2013 11:37 am
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I am now officially dropping off the face of the world. I'll still be around on Twitter and Skype and Facebook, things I can access from my phone, but I'm only getting on my computer every couple of days at the moment.

I will be back in early October, with NaNo build up (I'm an official ML for the first time this year!) and hopefully photos of kittens, but I'm going offline for my last two weeks at work and then a week's holiday. I've thrown in the towel at my bingo job because of the commute and the hours, and I need to reclaim a bit more of my time for job applications anyway.

So I guess I'll see you all on the other side.
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I have spent the last couple of days procrastinating building a Google calendar and LJ community to keep track of the big bangs across all the fandoms. It's still a work in progress, but it's there, with a summar of the next couple of weeks in Big Bangdom.

The community is at [ profile] bigbangtracker, for your delection.

And for the record, I think I've signed up to half a dozen of them. *Facepalm*
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Turned up at work yesterday and was asked to cook today. We lost a chef a couple of weeks ago, and today we just don't have enough staff to replace him. I'm not doing his shift instead of mine, I'm doing it as well. At the same time. I may well end up working about 11 hours, on one of our busiest days, without enough staff to do the actual job. Our department needs a minimum of three on busy days. Today it will have two. TWO! I might end up cooking a hundred meals with only one person to run the bar and take the food out to the tables, not to mention clearing the tables off and washing the dishes. This is not physically possible.

Fortunately I have booze and ice cream waiting for me at the other end. Now I just have to get there.
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I've been quiet for a while, partly because this is my 500th post (I think) and I wanted it to be more than just my usual rambling, and partly because I've been sitting on a lot of nearly organised stuff and I've been waiting for it to be actually happening rather than jinx it. It's all in place now, though, so I guess I'm safe.

I'm currently in my parents' kitchen. I'm moving back in with them at the end of next month, and yesterday I finalised a transfer to a branch closer to here. York has lost almost all of its appeal recently, and with the summer holiday and the massive influx of tourists hurtling towards us I'm very glad to be getting out of there. I'll miss some people, but for the most part I'm breathing a sigh of relief. York has its pretty bits, but I've been so homesick and longing for hills and clear rivers, and every time I get back into Calderdale it's achingly beautiful. I'm also excited by the cost of living here. We really couldn't afford to live in York, and I certainly can't afford to live there on my own, but if I get fed up with my parents I can pretty easily afford to rent a place in this area.

We're renting my flat out to some friends who need a short term place to live whilst we have it on the market so that I can get out sooner. It's all a bit go, and my parents need to come and get most of my stuff before they go on holiday so that I can just bring the last of my clothes over here on the train, because they come back from holiday the day before I finish at my current club, and I start at the other the day after that. All good fun, or something like that.

I'm going to part time hours at my new club, because they only have a few shifts a week going. That might increase over time, but for the moment it'll give me a bit of breathing space to get through the journalism and TEFL courses, and to get back into my writing. I have so much stuff I want to write, which makes a nice change, but no time to do it at the moment. I seem to spend all my spare moments tidying and cleaning and getting ready to move. My CaseStory deadline is hurtling towards me, though, so I do need to sit down and do a lot of writing on Wednesday and Thursday. And then on Friday I have another motorbike session, when I will hopefully get my licence. I need to get that sorted before I move back over here, or getting to and from work will be difficult.

So it's still all go, but everything's looking a lot more certain than it has for a while. I feel pretty trapped, because I've only left Yorkshire once since January, and that was for an afternoon in Salford. I'd really like to get back to my city tripping, but that hasn't worked very well and I'm soon going to have less money. Oh well, I'll be off to Oxfordshire for a weekend in August.

Get me out of here.

There's nothing I can do about it for the moment, really, because I don't want to take holiday in my last month and a half or in my first couple, except when I really need to for festivals and the like. If I'm only doing three or four shifts a week, though, I should get plenty of chances to get out and away between work. Maybe.

There's so much I need to do, but for the moment I'm back in that 'just keep trucking' state where everything will happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

The really good thing to come out of the move is how many of my colleagues have said that they don't want me to go. It's lovely to have so many friends at work, and I have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to have a pretty big night out before I go to send me on my way. I will miss them all, but I can always go back and play bingo.


Apr. 17th, 2013 09:10 pm
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My scooter is being delivered tomorrow. I've paid for it this evening, which made this a very expensive month, as I also paid for the delivery and my CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) within about 24 hours. I was supposed to do my CBT today, but I started it and then fell over, and I was too shaky after that to even think about it properly. I'm booked in to go back next month, though, and I'm going to practice what I can in my back yard, mostly getting a feel for the brakes and the throttle without actually letting it move.

I'm annoyed with myself, because I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew, but I've always wanted a bike and I know I can do it. It's just that annoying 'tense up and panic' stage that I go through with almost everything. I'm pretty much through it at work now, but I gave up trampolining because I probably wouldn't have got through it without injuring myself. I really need to learn to get it under control.
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Here by work news, writing news, travel news, personal life news, and probably some other stuff.

I don't want to be one of those people who totally loves her job and is always dragging her colleagues out for drinks and lunch and omg let's go to London, but...

I love my job. It's awesome, and the people are great, and we go out for drinks after work quite a lot and I seem to have helped to instigate an official steak club on Tuesdays when it's cheap at Wetherspoons, and I'm going out shopping and for afternoon tea with one of my colleagues and might go to London with another. And I'm starting to attempt arranging a night off for all the girls where we go for a charity pamper night, and then we'll cover for the guys when they want to do a stag do for one of the callers.

The actual job stresses me out, partly because it is high pressure and I'm not fast enough yet, and partly because we've been waiting for the spot check audit since I started, and I'm always worried it will come on my watch. I am getting there, though, except when people order really complicated things. Most of my least favourite things to cook are coming off the menu for summer, though, so yay! I'm also being given responsibility for the next bottle launch display, apparently, which is an opportunity to earn my title of 'crazy lady'.

Outside work, the hours are less awesome, but I'm getting them under control. I get enough nights off to see people for boardgames (some weeks), and they've granted me the time off for the White Rose Morris weekend. I'm getting on top of the tired as well, having settled into later nights and later mornings at last. Lali and I split up last month, if you weren't aware - we've not really been broadcasting it since that night - so I'm back in my old bedroom with more freedom to set my own hours. I go to bed at about 1 and get up at 9, which suits me pretty well.

With trying to get myself organised again, I'm trying to get back into writing, both fiction and non. I'm working on the sequel to Another Path, the prequel to Dark Star for CaseStory and a pilot story for a Vastra Investigates series for SpinoffStory, plotting out a pantheon fantasy, and trying to get back to my abandoned LongLiveIanto fics and my bloody monster epic. In short - all the fic in the world!

I got a loan when I started work, mostly to pay off my debts and get myself a motorbike. Right now I'm waiting to hear back from the motorbike training course centre and from a guy who's selling an adorable pink 'powered by fairy dust' scooter. I wanted a proper bike, but then I saw that one and had to have it. I've also splashed out on a couple of new handbags, one for everyday and one for best, a foot spa, new boots, and a Nexus 7. She's called Sylvie (points to anyone who a) is still reading and b) can work out why she's called that), and she's incredibly awesome for just about everything. I'm getting used to Evernote, which is just brilliant. Google Docs, what Google Docs? I'm also spending a lot of time playing Candy Crush and Cut The Rope, but that's by-the-by.

One thing she is useful for is being on the go. I still love my travel, and I'm looking at going out to Thailand to teach next year (if I can get around to doing this TEFL course). Between now and then, though, I want to visit every city in England. You see, there's 51 cities and 52 weeks in a year, and I live in one of the cities. I reckon I can get the rest fairly easily, especially if I so some longer trips. London will take several days, because it's London, but I can do a fair few multiples - Leeds-Bradford, Manchester and Salford, Durham and Newcastle, Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton. So, you know, if you live in a city in England, I'm coming your way this year. Unless you live in York, in which case I'm behind you. I'm quite excited by this madcap plan, and I want to get going. First step, scooter.

I think that's everything, really... I should use my LJ app more often, clearly.

And how are you all getting on? I'm checking my flist again, but usually in gaps when I have no time to do more than skim.
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So it's all change here again. I have a job, and there's a for sale board on my house.

After 8 months and an on-again off-again relationship with the job centre, I'm finally going to be free of them. I applied for this job (sort of) back in January and had an interview, and then heard nothing until Sunday, when they called me, missed me, and then their phones went down. I got back in touch with them on Monday and was told that they didn't have a suitable vacancy in January but now do, and am I still interested?

An hour and a half after that the estate agent arrived to take the photos for the marketing material, and yesterday my flat went on the market. The board appeared whilst I was out today. That's all a bit weird too, especially the extreme tidiness of (some of) the flat. The living room's slipped backwards, I need to put some clothes away in the bedroom and the landing and spare room are still disaster zones, but it looks pretty good.

Today I had my induction and went to tell my agency that I'm employed and ask about getting a reference and my P45 from them. I might even get some holiday pay, and I'll get my income tax refunded and all sorts of shiny stuff like that. It'll be a month before I get paid from work, as it's payday today and I've not started work yet, but in a month's time everything will start looking a lot easier. Still not in the black, but easier.

I know I've not been around posting a lot lately, but I'm hoping to get back to it soon. As far as fic's concerned I'm working on a few bits and pieces, including some serious research for an original novel, and RL should be more worth talking about soon as well. Everything has just been sucked down a well of 'what now?' for quite a while.

Which reminds me, I need to make a phone call and cancel an interview. They're like buses.
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2012 was a year, wasn't it? I am still an unemployed graduate, so let's not talk about that, but this year stretches out shiny and empty before us and I am determined to make it better. If I get a job, it will be much better instantly, and if we follow plan A (my plan A, Lali's plan B) it will be super awesome.

I hope you had a great time celebrating over the holiday season, whatever you celebrated, and may 2013 bring you shiny things and much delight.
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So yesterday morning I was in Hay-on-Wye, doing the bakery round. This morning I was in Halifax with my parents, aunt and cousin, and this afternoon I was in Slaithwaite (Slawit) watching morris dancing. Now I am in York again, but sorting out fic has not happened as much as it should have, partly because I have yet another job interview tomorrow morning. It's all go, apart from the fic. I do have lots to post, though, which is sort of exciting.

In the last few days I have ticked off Wales and England; Hay-On-Wye, Birmingham, Leeds, Halifax, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield and finally York, and that's just the towns I've set foot in, and discounting the ones I merely passed through. Tired Fiwen is tired, and should really go to bed and have anxiety dreams to properly prepare her.

Also, I have just been presented with a white chocolate mousse.

NaNo 2012

Nov. 30th, 2012 10:59 pm
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After a frankly ridiculous month, both [ profile] laligin and I have made it to the 50000 word mark. I gace up after a week, restarted with Torchwood fanfic on the tenth, had three 0 word days and made it with ease. Why did I ever consider leaving it?

It'll be up soon, I hope.
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So because I've got 19 hours in my signing session next week, I have to sign off. But I can get Working Tax Credit.

Then the following week I can sign back on, and sign off WTC...

This is why people don't bother getting work experience through temping, because it's such a fucking stupid system. When I rule the world there will be one benefit for people who do casual work, and what they get will depend on how many hours they work, and all they'll have to do is fill in the form with their hours.

Funny thing, though. I'll get more from them as WTC than I do as Jobseeker's Allowance when I get a few hours. Just need to find out what it means for Council Tax benefits.

Right now I am annoyed, so I am going to buy food and have cake and then apply for many jobs.
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The floodwaters have receded in York - although they got a lot higher than they were when I was taking photos - and the river has given up the barge it stole. She's called Ermintrude, apparently, and she looked very sad as she emerged. The problem with the Ouse is that, even this far inland, it's tidal. So when you think it's dropped a bit, you realise that that was low tide and it's not actually dropped as far as you think, or it may even have risen a bit. Two weeks it took from starting to rise to dropping back to something approaching normal levels. I'm used to the Calder, which is incredibly flashy (that actually is the technical term) and the floodwaters can disappear overnight and leave the river crystal clear. The Ouse is nothing like that - it's always silty and slow, slow to rise and slow to fall. It's gone for now, but I'll be very surprised if that lasts the winter.

I'm still unemployed, and I've heard back from all my interviews. I have another on Monday, and I've done a bit of temping, but for the moment it's still pretty empty. The upside of this, of course, is that I have time on my hands. It's nearly NaNo, so I've been plotting and preparing, and I have also written a whole chapter of my on-hiatus monster Torchwood fanfiction. I'm going to get another couple of chapters done and get into the rhythm before I start posting, having done a chapter here and a chapter there for about two years, but I'm really hopeful this time. NaNo will kick start me.

Speaking of NaNo, one of our very good friends from the Yorkshire region has a graphic novel out with Titan. He wrote the final comic strip in the Torchwood magazine, and now has a detective noir novel called Harker out. It's pretty damn awesome, and he's a cool dude, so you should check it out. If you're going to New York Comic Con, you should go and see him, too, because he's trading York for New York for the convention. His name's Rog Gibson, and he'll be on the Titan stand, so if you're there you should go and say hi and tell him Gala and Lali sent you.

He'll probably tell you that the deathbat is coming for you, but you don't need to worry about that, we've got it covered.

And it's now quarter past eleven, and I should make Lali go to bed and rest her injured... we don't have time for that list. Too much furniture removal lately, and not enough sleep. Tomorrow will be a day of writing, if I get my way. So for now, adieu.
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Do you want to see photos?

So yes, weather awful, but York is pretty good at dealing with this sort of thing. Most people are safely above the waterline here, unlike other places, although the hotel I took photos of (that was getting people in and out on a luggage trolley) was closing because of the flooding.
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So hi! I can't actually believe how long it's been since I was on LiveJournal properly. It's been a bit mad the last few months. Job applications and festivals and tidying and all sorts of busyness.

Read more... )
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Shepley Diary for 2012 )

Tl;dr: Great bands - Demon Barber Roadshow and The Albion Band especially good. White Rose have a new dance. I have a new top hat.

Pictures to follow when I've dealt with them.

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