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So, I had a fantastic weekend at Towersey, which requires a full and frank writeup, but that is not giong to happen because omg the madness. I am still trying to catch up on my big bang, which is progressing but not fast enough, and realised that a large part of it is in the wrong damn tense. But hey ho.

This is a drive by post to say 'hi, I'm alive!' and that I'm coming to London next week. My mum and I are there from the 13th to the 16th, and I would love to have a get together at Pizza Hut or somewhere similar. (I like Hut, it has awesome memories for me already, and more are always better).

Bearing in mind that we're also seeing a family friend and some of my mum's friends, so I might not have a coice anyway, I made a poll.
[Poll #1775028]

I'm totally not hyper with tiredness. Why would you think that?

S Club!

Jul. 15th, 2011 05:33 pm
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Does anyone want to come and see S Club Party with me at Butlins? 23-26 September, £89 per person for a full weekend?
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I would like to propose a dinner group for Torchwood fans to get together. I know there's quite a lot of us up here, so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in doing Come Dine With Me style meet-ups where we take it in turns to entertain.

If you're interested, state your location and the number you can entertain.

I am in York, and I can entertain up to six in total.
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So the idea of a Torchwood convention is still whizzing around in my mind. It would be 'classic' Torchwood centric, and mostly revolving around meeting other fans and having an awesome time.

Would anyone be interested in a Torchwood convention in a castle? The one I have my eye on is quite expensive and would only take up to about 100 people. But it would be fully catered, possibly including three course meals in the evening and full english breakfast in the morning. In a castle.


Feb. 27th, 2011 06:24 pm
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So I have a few ideas and chances for getting together on the boil. They are:

Cardiff in April )

Northern Torchwood Meets )

New Doctor Who Exhibition )

Come to this house... Into this house... )

And if you have an more ideas, throw them at me.

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