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Time flies when you're running around like a blue arsed fly...

So, another year gone. That's weird. I'm guessing there's no one around any more, which is sad. I miss fandom so much. But a lot has been going on in my strange little world.

Last time I posted (October 2015, wtf?), I had been working for about 4 months for a short term loan company and thought I might be being groomed for promotion, and I was in the process of buying a house. Today I'm sitting on the sofa of that house, with my two adorable kittens, waiting for the letter to come through the door confirming that I've had my second promotion. I really need to get back to blogging more frequently.

So I guess this is just a 'hey, I'm back' kind of post. I'll try to get back to updating more often, but I say that every time.
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So it's all change here again. I have a job, and there's a for sale board on my house.

After 8 months and an on-again off-again relationship with the job centre, I'm finally going to be free of them. I applied for this job (sort of) back in January and had an interview, and then heard nothing until Sunday, when they called me, missed me, and then their phones went down. I got back in touch with them on Monday and was told that they didn't have a suitable vacancy in January but now do, and am I still interested?

An hour and a half after that the estate agent arrived to take the photos for the marketing material, and yesterday my flat went on the market. The board appeared whilst I was out today. That's all a bit weird too, especially the extreme tidiness of (some of) the flat. The living room's slipped backwards, I need to put some clothes away in the bedroom and the landing and spare room are still disaster zones, but it looks pretty good.

Today I had my induction and went to tell my agency that I'm employed and ask about getting a reference and my P45 from them. I might even get some holiday pay, and I'll get my income tax refunded and all sorts of shiny stuff like that. It'll be a month before I get paid from work, as it's payday today and I've not started work yet, but in a month's time everything will start looking a lot easier. Still not in the black, but easier.

I know I've not been around posting a lot lately, but I'm hoping to get back to it soon. As far as fic's concerned I'm working on a few bits and pieces, including some serious research for an original novel, and RL should be more worth talking about soon as well. Everything has just been sucked down a well of 'what now?' for quite a while.

Which reminds me, I need to make a phone call and cancel an interview. They're like buses.

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