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So, I've only been back six months. Time I showed you the best photos, I think.

Image heavy, there's 60 of them.
Cut to spare your flists )

And there ends the holiday snaps.
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Oh boy. What A Day.

But first...

It has been called to my attention that I was a jerk is the recent wank, and ignored something I should have not ignored. If you know what I'm apologising for, you know what I'm apologising for. If you don't, it doesn't need to be aired any further than it alredy has been. I was a jerk, I wasn't the only one, and I'm going to try to learn from it.

I've been having Thoughts about this since it started really, and I'm going to post them ocne I've found my happy place and can say it without, I hope, coming across as a vindictive, sarcastic, butthurt arse. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Hopefully the whole thing will be over, but I do feel I need to say what's in my head.

That may change when happy place is found, though.

Anyway, today. I:
Got my flight rearranged on me. )

Lost my key )

Missed the bus. )

Had to pay $100 in excess baggage fees )

Left my phone in a friend's room. )

Fell downstairs. )

Left my wallet behind in her room. )

Got very very very homesick. )

And that's about the saga up to now. I used GlobalGossip for a while on my ailing internet battery, then found somewhere that would charge Skylar whilst I used their internet, so here I am, typing on a strange Australian keyboard. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Current plans include seeing in the first dawn of the New Year at 5.47, finding my wallet and booking a really nice hotel room and sleeping a lot.
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Home, ish )

And I think that that is where we leave this trip, as it's over. It's been awesome. I'll get some of my photos up soon.

Post cards

Dec. 14th, 2010 09:56 pm
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It has been pointed out to me by the lovely [ profile] misswinterhill that I failed to mention the postcards.

If you'd like a postcard from Australia, comment screening and anonymous comments are turned on, so if you leave me your address then I'll send you one.
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1. I am with [ profile] misswinterhill, who is just lovely and has fed me and taken me to see the awesomeness of Canberra and markets and things. And I have met her dogs and her squishy Adipose.

2. OMG, getting to meet fandom people without the computers getting in the way is the nicest thing ever.

3. I'm still alive

4. I've put myself up on the anon holiday love meme thing. If you have done it, tell me and I'll come say nice things about you :D

5. I've turned on comment screening on this post, and anonymous commenting is always turned on, so please give me your address and I'll send you one.

Love you all

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