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Okay, so there's been NaNo, there's been house sale stagnation and finally some good news, my bike got a death certificate instead of an MOT, and I've been singing. Far more important than any of that, though is...

This is Tybalt, exploring the dishwasher. Those who have read much of my fic will probably recognise him, because Tybalt has cropped up in most of the stories I've written over the last five years. When the opportunity came, I bagsied the black and white one and my family already knew he was going to be a Tybalt.

His brother is actually going to be my brother's Christmas present. My brother is 21 and away at uni, so Captain will be spending a bit over half the year in Hull and the rest back here. His 'official' name is Malteser, but Captain was offered as a nickname and I grabbed onto that. Captain is just cuter. Here they are watching Strictly Come Dancing:

And here is Captain demonstrating his best parrot impression, and Tybalt trying to climb me. Captain is definitely one of those who if you pick him up he will scale you and survey his surroundings. That is another reason I like to call him Captain.

Expect lots more photos of kitten cuteness, once I forgive them for keeping me awake all night. Last night my face was the most fascinating thing in the world.

ETA: Just found this one of them on their second night, when they worried us by hiding under the recycling drawers!

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