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Listed here are all my non-fiction entries. Some will be listed in more than one section (mostly memes).

This list contains a lot of personal entries that are going to be flocked in the coming weeks as I get my journal organised, and a lot of out of date stuff. To-do lists are have-done lists, entries about my mental wellbeing are no longer relevant, etc.

Contact details post

About me:

Journal housekeeping note

The story behind a blouse that doesn't fit

Getting to know you meme

Yes or no answers meme

A-Z meme

An essay on why I love fanfiction

State of Me
Weightloss, work and Torchwood

Religion does funny things to my head

My mother's a PITA

Home and exhausted

Spotify betrayed me

University, travel, relion and mental health stuff. Flocked

A to-do list

In defence of my religios beliefs

Grieving Torchwood

I fail at communicating

Life and winter blues

Writing thinkiness

Resolutions for 2011

TMI illness rant

Mental and physical health ramble

Ramble about Christmas and my feelings at being so far from home

Mid-trip catchup

Apologies for absence

Writing ramble

NaNoWriMo flailing

A cheery post

Distressed NaNoWriMo flailing

Depressed venting

Writing rant

Travel entries

Australia Trip Posts
The photo post

Australia travel diary masterlist

New York diary

Cardiff Trip posts:
Photos from Cardiff

Cardiff travel diary masterlist

Picspam of photos taken in Yorkshire

Folk festivals and morris dancing:
Off to a festival

Picspam of morris dancers

Diary of a weekend with dancing

Stuff about writing:

Fanfiction community promotion
JourneyStory Big Bang promotion

Jack_Ianto_LAS promotion

Torchwood_family community promotion

Stuff about my writing

Schmoop_Bingo wrap-up

Writing schedule for 2011

Beta request

Fic writing meme masterlist

Note about my CaseStory Big Bang

WIP meme

Post about my writing situation

NaNoWriMo flailing

Rant about writing

Poll about plot bunnies

A post about my versions of Jack and Ianto

A post requesting feedback and discussion about a potential plot point

Request for constructive criticism

Prompts available for claiming as gifts

Original fiction feedback request

Character analysis of an old OFC

Writer's Block

How would you react if you found out that someone had plagiarised your work and published it?

If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?

What's the origin of your username

Info about the DDoS attacks that brought down LiveJournal

Info about a spambot

Queensland fundraising auction signal boosting

And another

Suggestions for meeting people
S Club Party at Butlins

North of England Torchwood Come Dine With Me

Convention ideas

Meetup opportunities


Fic meme

Song meme


Music meme

WIP meme

Questions meme

Desert Island Discs meme

Yes or No Answers meme

A-Z meme

Character postcard meme

Album cover meme

End of year LJ meme

Twelve days of Christmas and New Year Resolutions meme

End of year fic meme

Song meme

Getting to know you meme

Fanfic signatures meme

WIP meme

Chat posts
Thank you for the LJ gifts

Cricket chatpost

A Christmas thank you

Layout thinkings

Help requests
In search of a new game to play

I was struggling with a game I'd just bought
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